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Learn how to create wonderful craft pieces for family and friends only limited by your imagination Try new crafts and experiment. Jump start your crafty ideas TODAY! The place where your ideas become amazing :)

Welcome to Jumpstart Crafts.This is the place where you can discover all kinds of crafty ideas and find products for your next craft project. If you are passionate about crafts and thirsty for tips, tricks and super easy crafts to do look no further than Jumpstart Crafts:)

Everything you need to give your projects a professional looking finish is right at your fingertips. So explore and experiment and make craft projects that are unique and reflect your personality.

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Card Making

New card making ideas, tips and tools. Please keep in mind though you really don't need a whole lot of materials and tools. You can improvise and still produce professional looking cards. With that, I have one more thing to say- Card making is fun, easy and something your family and friends will really appreciate.







Jewellery Making

Jewellery making is a rewarding craft.In this page, you can search for the equipment you need with no fuss.There are a huge variety of materials and tools to choose from also easy on your hip pocket.When you go to this page you will find everything you need to make quality jewelry. We also have books to fill you with ideas as well as tips and tricks to make your Jewelry making projects successful. Enjoy what you do.😄


Beads and jewlery making tools



Sewing Crafts

 Sewing opens a door to a vast array of patterns and fashion keeping you up to date with the current trends swirling around the world. The possibilities are endless! It's truly one of the most rewarding crafts out there. You could use sewing to create an income or perhaps help out your kid's school like costumes and so on. We have a huge assortment of tools and materials.From sewing machines to thread and fabric we have what you need for all your textile masterpieces! Happy shopping!😉





Kids Crafts

Let's face it the kids get bored.In this page, we can explore hundreds of kid-friendly products.Everything from crayons to finger paints there is literally heaps of tools and materials to choose from to get those little fingers busy. Crafts have many benefits for children- helping with fine motor skills, social and creative imagination. Be sure to take a look at this page whether you're a parent, teacher or have little ones your life because creativity can enrich a child's life and we want to help you with that. Together let's get the kids busy!😉

Kids with painted hands



Alcohol Inks

dabble in different crafts and enjoy experimenting with alcohol inks. There's so many beautiful colors and super easy to work with.You're going to come across lots of tutorials and techniques, but just be bold and do your thing. If you don't like the results you can always wipe it away and start again! The ideas featured below have been tried and tested by me and now it's your turn have fun! :)


Alcohol ink display